Nick Wright (absurdhero) wrote,
Nick Wright

Answer for question 4581.

Name a few foods that you hated as a kid but that you've grown to love as an adult. Why do you think your opinion of these foods changed over time? Similarly, what's something you couldn't get enough of as a kid that you'd be horrified at the thought of eating now?
As a kid I hated pepperoni on my pizza, or pretty much anything else on it other than cheese. I think that's just the thing about being a kid - your tastebuds are stronger, so flavors are just multiplied.

As an adult I love pepperoni (albeit veggie pepperoni in my case), though I don't always need it. I can still appreciate a good cheese pizza.

As for gross things I ate as a kid? I'm told I liked ketchup on my scrambled eggs. I wouldn't make that choice today, but salsa and eggs on the other hand is pretty rad.
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