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Nick Wright
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I do webcomics and videos.

I'm a mod over at startrek. As you can imagine, I enjoy Star Trek.

My day job is a Linux engineer for a VoIP company. It pays the bills but controls too much of my life.

I've been vegetarian since 2009. I eased into it, but my reasoning is the same as when I decided to start kicking the meat habit.

I have been married to random_ook since August of 2008, but we've been together since 2001.

I'm on Twitter. I'm on Facebook too, but I usually only friend those I know in real life.

In case anyone reading my comments starts to wonder who the hell this is, I've changed my LJ name again. Most of you originally knew me as tenmazero, but that made me sound like an otaku with low self esteem, so I came up with a more original moniker. Unfortunately I never really felt like caelumgrey really fit me either, so it was time for another change.

"Absurd Hero" is from the philosophy of Albert Camus, and basically means someone who looks for meaning in a meaningless world. My philosophy experience is pretty limited, but that appeals to me.

Still, it didn't stop me from changing that on Twitter, where I'm now @gigawright.

To summarize, I am not good at handles.